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30 Jahre ITV – 30 Jahre Erfahrung mit Geodaten

January 6, 2023

At the end September 2022 ITV celebrated its 30th anniversary with a two-year delay due to the pandemic situation. We celebrated our jubilee in a special train composition of the Swiss Federal Railways, in the famous train composition «Churchill» known as the «Red Arrow» by the public. Despite the rainy weather board of management, management, employees and their partners enjoyed the ride passing by the famous Rhein Fall to Stein am Rhein and drawing admiration at every station we passed dining and drinking in our train composition «Churchill».

30 years can be considered an eternal period in the environment of (geographic) data, looking at the huge developments since ITV was founded. The digitalization of the geodata took off very slowly. 30 years ago, first mobile devices appeared, and video conferences were unthinkable. Our core business started with geodata in the area of transportation, focusing on ground transportation (railways) and then we expanded our business to the sky (aviation). After 30 years our core business is still geodata, in the area of transportation as well as other environmental domains.

The challenges in the area of geodata still remain the same after 30 years: create easy access to all the geodata required to create value in a data hungry society, to improve the communication between those collecting and managing geodata and those wanting to use such geodata to create added value for all areas of life. The demand for quality assured digital geodata in our world is continuously growing. In our society everyone is demanding to take informed decisions, be it at the private level or at the public level. All players in society are realizing that providing quality assured geodata requires various frameworks to be in place addressing the political, economic and societal conditions covering issues like sustainability, geo-policy or cybersecurity.

Daily ITV is experiencing how the importance of our business is growing in supporting our customers to permanently make their geodata available, quality assured and digital. Providing quality assured digital geodata is a big challenge for all areas of society. We support our customers with our 30 years of proven experience and expertise to make required geodata available, at the right time at the right place of use.

We are doing everything to support our customers to meet these expectations. On one hand we achieve this by developing the required frameworks to enable the provision of geodata and on the other hand we support our customers to make the required geodata accessible and available. This was our ambition in the past, it remains our ambition today and will remain our ambition in the future.