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ICAO AIM Data Catalogue

January 27, 2022

ICAO AIM Data Catalogue

ITV has established an online AIM Data Catalogue based on the ICAO PANS-AIM Appendix 1 to facilitate its usage by civil aviation authorities, air navigation service providers and data originators in the process to implement a fully data-centric AIM environment. Furthermore, we have included a mapping of the data elements to the current version of AIXM 5.1(1) which has been initially developed by EUROCONTROL and further maintained by the AIXM Community.

You can find the ICAO AIM Data Catalogue here: https://www.datacat.aero

ITV supports customers to tailor the Aeronautical Data Catalogue to the requirements of your State. This can include extending the data catalogue with national requirements (e.g., CIV, MIL, VFR) as well as determining the associated national data quality requirements.

You will find a description of the services we offer here.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss any questions you have related to your specific needs so that you can successfully start moving forward towards implementing the digital data chain.