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Many companies are aware of the dependency of software and focus actively on an enhanced quality of their software systems and their process of developing software. Frictionless operations and processes in companies or organisations are depending extensively on the reliability of their software systems. The quality of software in technical and commercial systems is one of the essential key performance indicators (KPI) for successful products or enterprises. One way to reach high quality is to systematically test and audit the developed software. The expected benefit will be reached when the software is tested against your requirements.

Your benefits

  • - Independent test management increases software quality;
  • - We support you exactly there, where you need it – dependent on your own resources;
  • - Consistent documentation of tests;
  • - Defined method by using well known standards like the "V-model";

Our service

For the complete test process we supply active and trustful support and assistance for producers and suppliers of software as well as purchasers and procurement managers for individual software products or parts of them:

  • - Test management;
  • - Test plan;
  • - Test application and execution;

ITV resp. our experienced collaborators are qualified to exercise the functions of a Certified Tester, Advanced Level, according to the international qualification scheme called ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board).