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Data modeling

A data model consists of the following parts:

  • - Description of the semantics in plain language text: Description of the real world by subject specialists in a common language, understandable for everybody;
  • - Catalogue of objects: Definition of each element (class and attribute), complemented with data capturing rules, done by subject specialists together with modelling specialists. The catalogue of objects is the interface between semantic description and conceptual data model;
  • - Conceptual data model, described in graphs and structured text: Image of the real world in a formal language, established by modelling specialists;

Your benefits

  • - Independent external view trough our consultants;
  • - Defined method to elaborate the different stages of the model;
  • - Support at the stage, when you need it;

Our service

We support and guide you and your team in every phase of the data modelling either by moderating workshops or with descriptions established by us.