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Process Design

What is the best sequence of tasks? Which tasks can be done in parallel? Every organization/company has to ask these essential questions from time to time. To answer these questions, a variety of parameters like requirements and needs of the customers, suppliers and employees, interfaces to other organizations, etc. have to be analysed and documented. Doing that, your employees are the most valuable carriers of information and ideas.

Your benefits

  • - External view from independent consultants enables unconventional solutions;
  • - Defined and focussed leading of the team during elaboration;
  • - (Re-) Design of your operations;

Our services

Together with you and your team we define and analyse the relevant drivers of the processes. In workshops we (re-)design your processes by eliminating, relocating and/or inserting process steps. We do as many iterations of this as needed that everybody is convinced to have found the best solution. Our job is to moderate the workshops, to enable unconventional thinking, to ask critical questions, and to bring in new ideas. The process design will be completed with a consistent and detailed process documentation.