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Process Optimization

To save costs, to alleviate the daily work and make it more efficient, it makes sense to investigate in the processes, to identify the potential of improvement and to adapt the workflow. Doing that, process steps were eliminated, relocated and/or new ones inserted. An optimised process is not implicitly a shorter process, but the workflow and the sequence of process steps is easier to work with and therefore the process is more efficient. During implementation it is important, that it will be realised down to the bottom of the organisation. Only with that the whole potential of the improvement can be used.

Your benefits

  • - Cost efficiency through simplified and more efficient work flows;
  • - Satisfied employees through better coordinated process steps;
  • - External point of view through our independent consultants;

Our services

We proceed along the following phases:

  • - Process documentation;
  • - Identification of strengths, weaknesses and the potential of improvement together with your team;
  • - Design and description of the new processes;
  • - Implementation of the new processes in your organization as coach and enabler or as project manager;